Corey Lord New Opportunities

Opening the Door to New Opportunities

Are you nervous about trying something new? Scared that you may not succeed or might not be good at doing it? For new opportunities to come your way, you need to be open to allow it to enter. Most of the time, opportunities are not handed to us on a…

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Fairytale Ending

How To Achieve Your Fairytale Ending

What is your life’s direction? Are you trying to find meaning in your life? Do you know your purpose? Everywhere we look, people or organizations are trying to influence us on how we should live. This causes us to participate in a social status competition that leads to accomplishments of…

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Coach Corey Vitamins

VITAMINS for Success

V – Venture: Venture into new territories throughout life. Trying new things brings creativity, passion and excitement. Venturing allows you to be open to new experiences. Don’t be scared of trying something new, you may find unexpected interests lead to higher achievements in life. I – Inspire: Each day try…

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Have You Taken a “Time-Out” Lately?

What is a life “time out”? Well, as you read-on, I will explain the concept of time-out, provide 5 strategies for implementing time-outs, and explain the importance of how taking a time-out can help bring different aspects of your life into focus. Time-Out: Watching sports, we see coaches and players…

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Group talking

Five Strategies for Reacting to Negative Situations

In today’s blog, I’d like to share with you some strategies to help deal with frustrating situations by making conscious choices to deescalate situations instead of increasing conflict. Starting your day with positivity, but obstacles arise. Scenario for a Good Day: You wake-up to the sun shining with a brisk…

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Good Health

Essentials for Good Health

Being an athlete can be difficult on your mind and body. At CAL Sports, I care about your child’s wellbeing. To help your athlete stay healthy and happy, I recommend 4 main Good Health Essentials for your athlete: 1) Nutrition; 2) Hydration; 3) Sleep; and 4) Time-Management. Nutrition To be…

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CAL Sports Class

CAL Sports Class and Program Options

If you are having trouble locating the sporting activities that are in the sections available for your child, then our evaluation tool is just what you need. Many parents are unsure of what activities would best suit their child. CAL Sports Academy offers many different options for all ages and…

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