Lessons Learned from the Sport of Volleyball

Volleyball is an intense sport that moves fast. There are important skills that must be learned to be successful as a volleyball player. These skills include working and communicating with other team players. Lessons that your child can learn by playing volleyball include effective communication, teamwork skills, and strategic thinking. Gaining these skills will help…


Basketball: Learn Teamwork to Reach Goals!

Consider enrolling your child in one of the various CAL Sports Academy Basketball training offerings. Your youth athlete will learn to work cohesively with others and listen to coaching directions to help win the game! Basketball is an active sport that engages participants in working together as a team to meet a mutual goal of…

Benefits of summer camp

The Benefits of Summer Camp

Attending summer camp can be beneficial to your child in many ways. During the past year’s pandemic, many children have experienced limited social interactions. Attending summer camp at CAL Sports Academy will help your child with integration back into having social connections with other children and help increase their physical activity. During the pandemic many…