Time plug efforts get results

Time + Effort = Results

Good results do not happen overnight. It takes not only a decent amount of time, but a lot of effort, too. Putting in the time for your sport is essential for achieving your goals. Time When you practice over-and-over again, your brain develops good habits for your skills and fmuscle memory. If you were to…

Player development

Player Development Over Winning

Developing as an athlete is more important than just winning a game. In the long run, developing and improving your skills will be more beneficial to you. At the time, it might feel that winning a game is the most important achievement, however continuous development as a player is more important. For example, think of…

Aran and Coach Corey

Prepare, Perform, Reflect

To prepare for any game and to perform at your best, they key is to listen to your coach, attend team practices, and just keep practicing the skills! After practicing the skills individually and with your team, then you are ready to perform in a game/competition of your chosen sport. After the game/competition, reflect on…


The Importance of “KETO”

I’d like to share with you an acronym that helps put into perspective characteristics that youth athletes should strive to achieve. This acronym is “KETO”. I will explain below the characteristics and why they are important for athletes to embrace. K = Kindhearted Kindheartedness is a value that athletes should integrate into their daily lives.…

Mistakes in athletes

Mistakes are Critical to Learn

Mistakes occur during a learning process of a new skill, technique, or sport. Making a mistake can assist the athlete to learn to prevent this from occurring again in the future. Practice is a time for learning new skills, then making mistakes to perfect the skill. During competitions, mistakes occur that provide teams and individual…