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Corey using Shooting Machine

Shooting Machine

The CAL Sports Academy Shooting Machine allows players the opportunity to get hundreds of quality shots up in 60 minutes. This shooting machine provides each player the ability to maximize the number of repetitions by rebounding and passing the ball back to the athlete throughout our workouts.


Corey Lord

Consider Volunteer Coaching

Have you ever considered becoming a volunteer athletic coach? Do you have a child that would like to join a sports team in your community? Is your local sports association asking parents or community members if they would consider being a volunteer coach? If you answered yes to the questions…

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Rising to the Challenge

Rising to the Challenge – Sports Assistance

I enjoy assisting student athletes with the ability to meet their sports challenges. This can include an athlete being held-back from participation in a sport or needing more help with their sport skills. CAL Sports wants to help your athlete get the assistance they deserve to overcome their sports challenges.…

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Sports Can Benefit Children with Autism

It is easier for children with autism to have access to sports programs that are run by people who understand how to communicate effectively using autism-friendly strategies. Challenges can include managing situations that are aversions for individuals with autism. Aversions can be things such as loud noises, as well as…

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