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AAU Basketball Travel Team

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Corey using Shooting Machine

Shooting Machine

The CAL Sports Academy Shooting Machine allows players the opportunity to get hundreds of quality shots up in 60 minutes. This shooting machine provides each player the ability to maximize the number of repetitions by rebounding and passing the ball back to the athlete throughout our workouts.


Black History Month

Black History Month

In this Blog, I will explain the 4 points listed below to address Black History Month and the past as well as ongoing challenges of Black Americans. I will then relate the importance of Black History Month to the everyday struggles of athletes. To gain achievements in sports, obstacles and…

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Coaches can assist athletes

Coaches Can Assist Athletes in Many Ways

Coaches can assist athletes by helping them advance in their sport, as well as assisting with guidance and lessons that may assist them in their life outside of sports. Here are 3 ways that a coach can assist athletes besides sport skills development: Listening Advice Life Lessons Listening: Of course,…

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