COVID-19 Guidelines to the Game

As we progress through the restrictions put in place by the CDC, PA Department of Health and State Government Organizations, we are open for your player to learn, grow and enjoy their favorite sports.

Many parents and players have their questions, comments and concerns towards returning to play during COVID-19. Below are our guidelines and resources to help you stay safe and healthy while staying active in our gym.

**These guidelines will update and reflect the current restrictions put forward by the previously stated organizations**

2021 Summer Camp Refund Policy
Returning to Play

Summer Programs reflect the summer camp guidelines except for non-clinic related items (i.e. lunch, stations etc.)


Are parents allowed in the building?
Answer: Per requests of the building manager parents are not permitted into during camps. For other programs such as clinics and leagues, 1 parent per player is permitted into the upstairs area. All individuals must be temperature checked and wearing a face mask/covering to enter and remain in the building.

What are the coaches and staff doing to maintain a safe environment?
Answer: All coaches are required to wear face masks/coverings and gloves during any program. Gloves are frequently changed to reduce the spread of COVID-19. All areas and equipment are sanitized after every program. There are multiple sanitization stations throughout the gym for players and coaches to sanitize as much as they feel necessary. Coaches and staff are temperature checked before they enter the gym per our individual entrance rules.

In there a check-in process?
Answer: Players will enter through the side door with the “CAL Sports Academy” sign. They will be temperature checked before entering the gym. Once in, the building in marked with designated areas. CAL Sports Academy has the area containing the mail hallway (downstairs bathrooms), basketball courts and turf as the specified program area. No CAL Sports Academy players are permitted into any other areas of the gym and no outside individual are permitted in the CAL Sports Academy area.

How is CAL Sports Academy following proper social distancing?
Answer: There are designated social distancing circles on the gym floor to aid in reminder players of the proper distance that they will need to be from one another. Campers will have specified “safe zone” areas on the turf to allow for stretching, lunch and water breaks.

COVID Resources

Center for Disease Control (CDC)
PA Department of Health:
Office of PA Governor Wolf
World Health Organization (WHO)