June 2024 Athlete of the Month: Magnus Rosario

Congratulations, Magnus!

We are thrilled to announce Magnus as our Student-Athlete of the Month! Magnus has shown exceptional dedication and commitment, especially as someone new to competitive basketball. Coach Corey has chosen him for this honor due to his relentless work ethic and impressive progress.

From his first day at CAL Sports Academy back in January, Magnus has made remarkable strides. His journey took a significant turn during our April/May small group workouts, where he excelled in speed, strength, ball handling, shooting, and most importantly, built his confidence. His participation in our in-house basketball league, where he took on the challenge of playing up a level, demonstrated his willingness to push his limits.

Initially, the fast pace of the game and the wealth of information from his training sessions were overwhelming. However, mid-season in both the AAU and in-house leagues, Magnus has begun to piece everything together. Watching his growth has been a true pleasure for our coaching staff.

While he still has a long way to go, Magnus’s confidence has been greatly bolstered by our coaches, which is crucial for any young athlete. His work ethic stands out among his peers, and our coaches believe that with continued commitment, he has the potential to become an outstanding player. We are all excited to see his future progress and hope he maintains the incredible momentum he has built.

Congratulations, Magnus, on being our Athlete of the Month! Keep up the excellent work!

Magnus Rosario_CAL Sports Academy