Train Outside of the Gym

Are you taking advantage of extra repetitions at home? Committing to training outside of designated practice and game time can be the key to taking your skills to the next level. This is especially applicable for many athletes who are in their off-season this Summer. Taking advantage of “time off” in the off-season allows for a greater focus on individual work on and off the court, growth in physical health including injury recovery, strength building, and cardiovascular endurance, and a mental rest from competitive pressures. 

Time + Effort = Results

TIME: We cannot expect greatness with only a few hours of work each week. Put in the time to develop your craft! Time with a ball in your hand, time to focus on your strength, time for recovery, time for goal setting, time for reflection, time for team building, every piece matters. 

EFFORT: We can only grow by pushing our limits. Pushing through fatigue to get one more rep, increasing your speed to finish one second faster, trying a new skill without being scared of failure, this level of effort is what molds progress. 

RESULTS: How do we quantify our athletic results? Are we only looking at points scored in a game? When we compare our time in games vs. our time in development, are we measuring success fairly? It is important for athletes to have measurable evaluations of their progress. Goal setting should range from in-game scenarios, to training progression, to fitness growth. 

Training at home only benefits us in each of the above areas. You’re committing to more time for your game, you’re proving you can put in extra effort by honing in on self-motivation, and ultimately you’ll see the results. 

Train Outside of the Gym_CAL Sports Academy