The Elite Zone

Training Today’s Athletes to be Tomorrow’s Champions

Join the Elite!

Our elite programs are invite only programs designed to take skilled, committed athletes and teach them high-level skills in preparation for a successful high school or college career. The programs are high intensity, high demand classes led by our best instructors. One hundred percent effort is required from the athletes and given by the coaches.


Our Elite Basketball Program provides a competitive environment where athletes will learn and master skills such shooting off the dribble, creating separation, moving without the ball, attacking the basketball, and shooting against a pressured defense.

Smaller Class Size

With a smaller class size, more customized instruction is available with a greater concentration on each individual athlete’s needs and desires.

Elite Training

Only the best of athletes are accepted our elite programs. As such, we can teach advanced skills at a faster rate for maximum learning potential.

Principles for Life

The principles taught and the standards our elite athletes are held to raise them up ahead of their peers and continue to propel them forward throughout their lives.


Our Elite Volleyball Program teaches athletes how to run advanced plays, run three-person defenses, and master a fast-paced offense. Players will learn to utilize their individual abilities to maximize their playing potential.