AAU Scholarship awarded to CAL Sports Academy player

Jared Martin winner of AAU ScholarshipsA big Congratulations to CAL Basketball Player Jared Martin who received a $5,000 Scholarship at the Middle Atlantic AAU Banquet!

Jared earned his scholarship in part by giving back to his community volunteering at vacation Bible school, being a part of many clubs at his high school including student government, the musical club, the academic challenge club, the mock election, the band, was on the basketball team, and president of the national honor society at Souderton area high school. We continue to be so proud of Jared….his future is really bright!

We want to make sure that our community is aware of the scholarships that are available through the AAU Organization.
From their home page:

” With the rising cost of post-secondary education and the decreasing availability of funding sources, supplemental financial aid has become critical for our member athletes. The Middle Atlantic District Scholarship mission is to aid AAU member athletes, coaches and volunteers in achieving their athletic dreams and in recognizing them as valued citizens of our communities.

The Middle Atlantic District grants scholarships and awards to its deserving AAU members based on excellence and involvement in sports, commitment to community, academic achievement and outstanding sportsmanship. The District presents thirteen scholarships and awards totaling more than $25,000, ranging in size from $1000-$5000!

The Scholarship Program strives to help the recipients in achieving their athletic dreams and in recognizing them as valued citizens of our community.

The main goal of the Scholarship Program was established to raise awareness among our District’s youth of the critical role that Athletics plays in the building of American youth.

The District awards honor Middle Atlantic AAU High School senior athletes who show:

  • Outstanding leadership abilities
  • Well-roundedness
  • Great sportsmanship
  • Strength of character
  • Academic prowess

The Coach and Volunteer Awards each recognize an individual whose volunteer leadership in the Middle Atlantic District has been transformative and who has mobilized and unified athletes, programs and organizations that improve the events, the youth or others affiliated with the sport.”

Here is the AAU scholarship website to learn more about applying for next year’s scholarships.