UPDATE – Adult Basketball Leagues

Adult BasketballDo you dream about reliving your glory years? Or maybe watching your child run around is making you anxious to get out on the court or field. We think any adult could use a little more sport in their life. Less watching, more doing!

Our Adult Leagues provide the community with an opportunity to participate in an organized sports activity. The Adult Basketball League at CAL Sports Academy is co-ed and open to participation for individuals 21 years of age and older. The league is set-up for competitive play, but our main focus is on creating an environment that fosters fun and enjoyment, good sportsmanship, and develops friendships. Register today with a team or as a free agent!


Welcome to CAL Sports Academy’s Adult Basketball League. This publication provides standard regulations for all Adult Basketball Leagues conducted at CAL Sports Academy. The league references PIAA rules and guidelines.
Facilities and Location: All games are played at 110 Christopher Lane, Harleysville, PA 19438.

One of the goals of CAL Sports Academy is to provide recreational opportunities for people of all ages 21 and up. The Adult Basketball League provides the community with an opportunity to participate in an organized sports activity. The leagues are set-up for competitive play, but the overall goal is enjoyable participation for all. Cal Sports Academy does not offer professional leagues. The main emphasis of the league is the recreational elements including the fun, enjoyment, good sportsmanship, and friendships that are developed.

Regular Season: Each team will play a regular season that begins on January 12th. Team schedules will be emailed out the week prior.
Playoffs: Playoffs will begin the week following the regular season. Playoff schedules will be sent on the Monday following the final regular season game. The top four teams will make playoffs and the top two teams from playoff games will play in the championship game.
Jerseys: Teams will be given a jersey that must be worn at every game. Any player who does not have a jersey will be assesed a technical foul.
Equipment: The league will provide a game ball (29.5), league awards, gymnasium, gym maintenance, lights, rule book, standings and results, and other such equipment or materials as required for the efficient conduct of the league.
Rosters and Play: All teams must submit a completed roster on by January 6th. Rosters must have a minimum of 5 players. Rosters must contain a current address for each player, email address, mobile, and emergency contact. Each player must be at least 21 years of age. Teams must have at least four (4) players on the court to play. Any team that drops to three (3) players will forfeit. A player may participate in the league only if the player’s name, address, city he/she lives in, zip code, telephone number, and signature appear on the official team roster. Players will be asked to provide a valid form of identification the first week of play. Player identification must match who is listed on the roster. Any player participating under an assumed name or false address will be
considered an ineligible player and shall suffer suspension for the remainder of the season. A player may only play in one (1) league and on one (1) team at any given time during the season.
Team Captain: Each team will designate one team captain. The team captain will be responsible for submitting the team roster and all interactions with the officials. Captains are expected to be respectful towards officials; the team captain does not have the right to question judgment calls or speak to the official in a rude or disrespectful way. Team captains are responsible for ensuring that all players and spectators who are with their team behave in an appropriate manner. The team captain is also responsible to disclose the full name of any player assessed a technical foul or ejected. The game will not resume until this information is disclosed. If this information is not obtained by the officials, the team captain will be assessed a technical foul and will be held out for future games until the name is disclosed.
Game Time: Games will begin promptly at the scheduled start time. If a team only has four (4) players present at game time, they must play with four (4). If a team does not have four (4) players present ten (10) minutes past the scheduled start time, they will forfeit the game. Games will consist of two (2) 20-minute halves. The clock will be a running time except the final two (2) minutes of the second half (unless a team is ahead by 20 points or more), an injury occurs that requires the stoppage of the game, or a time out is called. If teams are tied at the end of regulation, a two (2) minute overtime period will be played. If a second overtime is initiated, a one (1) minute period will be played. If tied at the end of double overtime, a third and final overtime will be played as sudden death.
Official Score and Scorekeeper: CAL Sports Academy will keep and record all scorebooks. Players’ first and last name along with the jersey number will be entered into the scorebook. Only players who are on the roster shall be listed in the scorebook. The running scorebook will be the official score and foul count. Teams are encouraged to closely monitor the scoreboard. Teams shall alert the officials immediately if any errors occur. If a team alerts the official to an error that requires a clock stoppage and no error is found, that team shall be assessed a timeout. Officials may correct a mistake made by scorekeepers.
Putting the Ball in Play: Jump balls will only be used to begin the game and to begin all overtime periods. All other jump ball situations (including half time) will be determined by alternating possessions. The officials shall handle the ball after every whistle.
Time Outs: Each team will be allowed two (2) one-minute timeouts per half. Unused timeouts do not carry over between periods. If overtime is played, each team shall be awarded one timeout per overtime period.
Dunking: Dunking is allowed; however, players may not hold onto the rim. Dunking is not allowed during warmups. Any player caught dunking during warmups or in any other non-live situation will be assessed a technical foul; this includes dunking after a whistle, or during a stoppage in the game.
Fouls: Any participant who is assessed five personal fouls will be removed from the game. A technical foul is considered a personal foul.
Technical Fouls: All technical fouls are two shot fouls plus the ball at mid-court. Any player who receives two technical fouls in a game will be ejected from the game and will be suspended for a minimum of one game. Each technical foul will result in $25 charge and must be paid immediately for the game to continue.
Free Throws: Players may enter the lane once the ball leaves the shooter’s hand (on the release).
Player Conduct: The following actions shall result in a technical foul: use of profanity towards an official or an opposing player, complaining about or questioning an official’s call by a non-team captain, persistent complaint about judgement calls by any player, abusive or profane language by a spectator, making a comment that is personal in nature to or about an official or an opposing player, or any attempt to physically intimidate an opponent or an official.  Any physical contact with an official will result in ejection from the league and a notification of authorities. The official’s jurisdiction begins from the time a player arrives on site until the player leaves. Actions that occur before, during, and after games are all subject to a technical foul or ejection.  Alcohol, tobacco or any kind of illegal drugs are not permitted to be on-site.
Fighting: Any player who is ejected for or found to be fighting will be ejected from the game and may be ejected from the league for the remainder of the season. This includes throwing a punch, slapping or pushing a player’s face or head area, grabbing or pushing a player during an altercation, or any violent, physical act on another player outside of the actions allowed in basketball.

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