CAL Academic Academy

As schools are moving to virtual and hybrid learning, parents are being asked to take on the role of teacher. At CAL, we understand that many of the parents in our community are unable to take on this responsibility. That is why we are offering a new program called “CAL Academic Academy”. This program will be an academically focused program, geared towards providing in person care and academic guidance for children K-12. We have a Pennsylvania licensed teacher that will be monitoring students’ assignments, virtual class attendance, and providing tutoring to students who need assistance. This program will also be coupled with a multi-sport aspect to get students active during the day, once assignments are complete. Some of the benefits of this program are that…

  • Students will be able to receive in person, 1 on 1 instruction, that they are unable to receive virtually.
  • Students will be held to a high academic standard, monitoring class attendance and academic performance.
  • Social distancing is possible at our facility with abundance of space and limited enrollment.
  • Safety procedures such as daily check-in form, temperature checks, and the cleaning of student’s workspaces ensure safety of students.
  • Multi-sport program designed to get students active once their work is completed.
  • Full-day, Half-day, and before and after care is available to accommodate parents’ schedules.

Program Details

As students are dropped off at the building for CAL Academic Academy, they will submit a daily check-in form and their temperature will be taken. Students whose temperature is over 100.4 degrees will not be permitted in the building and will be asked to provide negative COVID-19 test results before re-entry. Once in the building the student will be taken to a socially distance workspace. This workspace will be a 6-foot table, with outlet nearby for laptop charging access. Students will have out “Academic Accountability Sheet” which acts as a planner and grade tracker. This is so that the instructor is aware of what the student should be working on. Students will attend their virtual class or complete virtual assignments, with assistance from our instructor. Once students are finished work, and are passing all classes, they are permitted to go and participate in multi-sport activities. Students must be working on Academic for at least half of their time spent at CAL. Students must bring enough work for at least half the time spent at CAL. This program is focused on academics and is not meant to be a day of open gym. This would be like a traditional gym class, where the students will focus on a sport for a week, with non-sport specific games sprinkled throughout the week. For example, the first week may have a focus on basketball, but quick games like kickball or wiffleball may be played at points throughout the week. Any students not passing, will stay with the instructor for an additional 30 minutes a day before being allowed to go play in the multi-sport activities. Each week students will receive a new “Academic Accountability Sheet” so that grades and assignments can be tracked.



If you need assistance, you can contact us at the below information.
Phone: 1-844-225-3343 ext 700