Elite Volleyball is the introductory course for our elite athletes. This course will cover the advancement of volleyball skills and game concepts. As players reach the higher level of play, they should begin to decide on a position in which they would like to play. This class will allow each player to decide how they are going to contribute to their volleyball team. Elite volleyball requires desire and drive from the players. In order to succeed at high levels, our athletes will push themselves to their best ability and continue to improve from there. Players will improve in the following areas:

  • Jump Serves
  • Multi-position Hitting
  • Defensive Capabilities
  • Setting Strategies
  • In System Rhythm
  • Out of System Adjustments
  • Proper Gameplay

The Elite Volleyball Program is an invite-only program. Coaches will contact parents if they feel a child is ready for this intense program. If you believe that your child meets the above criteria and are interested in the program, please reach out to Coach Tim at 1-844-225-3343 (EXTENSION 1) to discuss with him.