Youth Basketball League Rules

Basketball League Rules

Purpose: CAL Sports Youth Basketball Program is organized to provide a recreational activity for boys and girls. The program is designed for the following purposes:

  • We strive to develop players at all levels of play (recreational, travel, and premier) by building and
    improving their skills, confidence, fitness, initiative and a sense of teamwork.
  • We are committed to developing coaches to the highest level through quality ongoing instructional
  • We promote and encourage high standards of sportsmanship.
  • We look to aggressively expand basketball opportunities to areas that are traditionally

Organizational Structure:

Governing Rules: CAL Sports Academy Youth Basketball League is governed by the current rules and regulations of the National Federation of State High School Association (NFSH), except for the local league rules which supersede the National Federation rules.

Coaching Requirements:

  • A person of high moral character who is a respected member of the community.
  • A coach should have a basic knowledge and understanding of the fundamentals of basketball.
  • A coach should never incite his players or parents by criticizing an official.
  • A coach should never use profanity, drink alcoholic beverages, smoke, or use tobacco in any form during any activity.
  • A coach should never be overly concerned with winning, but more concerned that each child on the team has fun and learns the fundamentals while participating.
  • A coach is expected to be present at all practice sessions, games, and meetings or have an approved coach present.
  • A coach should try to the best of his/her ability, to keep each player (especially the weaker players) interested and participating throughout the season.
  • The coaches must remain in the coach’s box during games; players not in the game are to remain on the bench.

League Rules: Team rosters consist of no more than 10 players per team. No additions will be made once the league games have started unless a player is injured and considered out for the rest of the season, and not during the last two weeks of the regular season.


  • Uniforms provided must be worn to each game, no excuses. Shirts must be tucked into shorts. Shirt sleeves must not be cut. No jewelry can be worn during gameplay. A player not wearing proper uniform will cause a technical foul for the team. The technical foul is shot prior to the start of the game.
  • All teams must have at least four (4) players to begin a game. If a team of 4 players has one player that commits 5 fouls, that player will remain in the game for the game to be completed. However, a foul committed by that player will result in a technical foul.
  • The circumference of the ball is as outlined in the National Federation of State High School rules book. For Grades 2-3 and 4-6 leagues, the ball is 28 1/2 inches in circumference; for Grades 7-9 and 9-12 leagues, the ball is 29 1/2 inches in circumference.
  • The goal is set at 9 foot 6 inches for the Grade 1-2 league. The goal is set to 10 foot for the Grade 3- 5, Grade 6-8, and Grade 9-12 leagues.
  • Scorekeepers should not be emotionally involved in the game (i.e. coaching, disagreeing with the officials, screaming and yelling, etc.). Any scorekeeper that does not comply will be removed from the score table.

Game Time:

  • Two (2) 20-minute halves with a running clock. The clock will stop on all dead balls in the final two (2) minutes of each half.
  • There will be two (2) 45-second timeouts per half. Each team has a total of four (4) time-outs per game. Time-outs may NOT be carried over to the next half. A warning sounds at 30 seconds.
  • The clock will run in the second half when a team has a 20-point lead and will continue to run until the losing team pulls under 20 points. The clock stops for timeouts.
  • If the game ends in a tie, 3-minute overtime is played, and each team is given 1 additional full-time time-out. If the game is still tied, an additional 1-minute overtime is conducted until a winner is determined.

Playing Time:

  • Coaches are required to follow a substitution pattern pre-determined by CAL Sports Academy. The pattern allows for a minimum of 15 minutes of playing time per player. In a game that results in overtime, no amount of playing time is guaranteed.
  • All players must play a minimum of ten (10) minutes per game during playoffs and championship games.
  • If a player is being disciplined and not permitted to play, the coach must advise the opposing coaches and scorekeepers before the game begins.

Technical Fouls:

  • Two (2) technical fouls in one game result in an ejection and the player considered for suspension in the next game; unless the team starts the game with only four (4) players.
  • Two (2) ejections result in disqualification from league play for the rest of the season.
  • Two (2) shot free throws for technical fouls.
  • Improper wearing of uniform or no uniform will result in a two (2) shot technical foul that is to be shot PRIOR to the start of the game. After the shots are attempted then there will be a jump ball to start the game.
  • The following shall result in an unsportsmanlike conduct technical foul:
    • Disrespectfully addressing or contacting an official.
    • Using profanity and vulgarity.
    • Taunting, baiting, or ridiculing.

Officials and Score Table:

  • Referees will rotate to the score table during foul calls or violation to give coaches an opportunity to ask the official about the call.
  • One (1) player (captain) from each team will be permitted to speak to the officials on behalf of themselves, their teammates or Coach during live gameplay.
  • During timeouts, the scorekeepers will be monitoring a stopwatch until 45 seconds’ elapses. Once that happens, they will administer the horn to alert both teams to leave the huddle and head back to the floor.


  • Any offense player is allowed three (3) seconds in the lane.
  • All double dribbling and traveling result in a turnover.


Beginner (Development) League:

  • No Full court pressing is allowed the entire game.
  • No Double Teaming and Man-to-Man defense only.

Grades 3-5 Leagues:

  • Full court pressing is allowed for the entire game.
  • Double teaming is allowed along Man-to-man and Zone Defense.

Grades 6-8 and 9-12 League:

  • Full court pressing is allowed for the entire game.
  • Double teaming is allowed.

All Leagues:

  • The defense can steal the ball from the ball handler if the ball is not protected.
  • Shot blocking is allowed if the shooter is not fouled.
  • Five (5) second closely guarded violation: A defender must be guarding the player in control of the ball, in the frontcourt, and must be within six (6) feet of the player.


  • A player who commits five (5) fouls (including technical fouls) is not allowed to participate in the rest of the game.
  • A team must always have a minimum of 4 players on the court always. If any of the 4 players commit 5 fouls, that player remains in the game, however each foul by that player is considered a technical foul.
  • Foul Shots – players will shoot from the regulation free throw line (15 feet).
  • Free throw lane violation is three (3) seconds.

Playoffs and Championship Games:

  • Each League depending on the number of teams will be determined by League Commissioner.
  • Teams are seeded by their regular season record and league placement. The top seeds play lower seeds, example (1 v 4), (2 v 3).
  • All players must play a minimum of ten (10) minutes per game during the playoffs and
    championship games.
  • Standings are based on wins / loses. In the event of a tiebreaker, head to head matches determine the standings. If there is still a tie, standings are based on overall points. These rules are different then what you will see within the registration system standings.

Protests: Protests must be filed within 24 hours after completion of the game, in writing, to CAL Sports Academy’s email address –

Conduct: The penalty for fighting or flagrant conduct such as profanity is ejection from the present game and the following game. Any ejection will constitute a one-game suspension. On the 2nd offense, the player or coach is suspended from the program. Problems with coaches or spectators:

  • First – warning or technical foul
  • Second – technical foul or ejection (official’s judgment)
  • Third – Removal from gym or program without refund

Game Postponement: For inclement weather or other situations out of CAL Sports control, families are notified via the CAL Sports Academy website. The League Coordinator notifies coaches and referees of a game postponement. All efforts are made to reschedule the game within a reasonable timeframe to maintain the integrity of the league standings but are not guaranteed.

Awards: Awards are given to the first place team as well as the most valuable player.
All-Star Game: All players will receive a t-shirt (no awards or mvp)!