Our Intermediate Soccer programs offer boys and girls, ages 11-13, an opportunity to explore the game beyond the fundamentals. In this fun-filled weekly clinic, youth soccer players progress from the basics to learning more in depth skills and tactics such as positioning, moves, and defending. This session is perfect for players looking to develop their necessary skills while improving their knowledge and expertise in soccer to a deeper level.

Our Intermediate Soccer programs are:

  • Soccer Stars (coming FALL 2018!)
SCR-201: Developmental Soccer

This program develops your soccer player into an all-around player by focusing on the fundamental skills every soccer player must know from dribbling to passing, to throwing in the ball, to game scenarios.

Pre-Requisite: Players must be able to dribble the ball and pass the ball and understand basic soccer terminology.

Age / Grade: Boys & Girls Ages 7-12
Class Length: 60 Minutes

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