November 2023 Athlete of the Month: Amber Gardner

Congratulations, Amber!

Amber has been displaying exponential growth on the volleyball court. Her execution of skills continues to impress our Coaches, making it very exciting to watch her compete.

She has developed an impressive arsenal of skill execution, making her a key offensive asset during gameplay. Her determination and commitment to growth has been evident in just one year at CAL! Amber was motivated to achieve, and her hard work paid off as she made her High School team this season, gaining valuable experience at high-level competition with new peers.

Amber’s transformation has been very fun to watch. She is an athlete who adapts to new challenges, continuously shows her willingness to learn, and receives feedback to enhance her play. Her understanding of the game is developing and her ability to use her IQ to take advantage of plays and come out with the point is extraordinary.

Amber Gardner stands as a glowing embodiment of CAL Sports’ motto “Strength Through Sports,” illustrating the remarkable potential unlocked by the mixture of talent, unwavering dedication, and a thirst for knowledge. As our Athlete of the Month, Amber epitomizes the authentic essence of sportsmanship, unwavering commitment, and personal development. We eagerly anticipate the prospect of witnessing her future accomplishments, both within the gym and in other aspects of life.

Amber Gardner_CAL Sports Academy