Performance Training Programs

Gain your edge!

Ready to work hard? Looking to gain the upper hand against the competition? Performance Training helps athletes become the best version of their self. We train athletes who are committed and determined to improve his or her fitness level. Does your athlete want to challenge and intensify their fitness goals? Currently, we offer performance training programs in Speed and Agility, Strength and Conditioning, and Elite Fitness Training. Our program is for athletes between the ages of 8 and 14.

We encourage serious athletes to train in both performance training and their chosen sport to maximize results. By partnering performance training with sports training, players will go from average athletes to elite athletes and competition will be no problem!

and Agility

This program is for multisport athletes, ages 8-9 (Beginner), ages 9-12 (intermediate), ages 12-15 (advanced). This program incorporates cardio, balance, plyometric, speed, and agility drills through obstacle courses, interval training, and stationary movement.

Strength and Conditioning

Our Strength and Conditioning program helps to build a player’s strength, endurance, and stamina (ages 10-15). We use resistance bands, jump ropes, line jumping, weight training and more to improve the overall strength and conditioning of players.

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