Performance Training Strength and Conditioning

Our Performance Training Strength and Conditioning programs build player’s, ages 10-18, strength, endurance, and stamina. We use resistance bands, jump ropes, line jumping, weight training, and more to improve the overall strength and conditioning of players.

Players are placed into small groups based on their skill level so each athlete can progress at an appropriate pace throughout the programs.

Athlete Expectations:

  • The ability to physically hold up their own body weight.
  • The ability to handle an intense workout.
  • Bring a jump rope to class each week.
  • Possess a desire and passion to improve their strength and conditioning through hard work and motivation.

To reach maximum results players need to train multiple days a week in strength and conditioning and their individual sport. We also encourage players to train in speed and agility and elite fitness to become well-rounded athletes. Cross training is an important tactic to take advantage of!

Performance Training Bundle/Combo Deals Available. 

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