Player Development Over Winning

Developing as an athlete is more important than just winning a game. In the long run, developing and improving your skills will be more beneficial to you. At the time, it might feel that winning a game is the most important achievement, however continuous development as a player is more important.

For example, think of a game that you have played in, and your team won.

  • What was your role in this game?
  • How could you do better?
  • What can you change for next time?

These are all questions that can lead you to realizing your role on the team and to become a better player.

Question #1: What was your role in this game?

The first question is meant to help you realize what you did in the game and how you helped the team gain success towards winning. Contemplate how your role contributed towards team cohesion and collaboration throughout the game. Which skills did you use, and how did they contribute to the achievement of team success?

Question #2: How could you do better?

The second question is meant to help you notice what you need to fix or change. Applying the answer to question #2 to your game strategy will eventually help you improve and become a better player. The reason for this question is to gain insights for achieving continual growth in your skills and teamwork contributions.

Question #3: What can you change for next time?

The third question provides you with introspection of what you can do to make changes that will improve your chances of future success in competitions of your sport of choice. This includes thoughts about specific skill practices and team collaboration you can enhance between now and the next game.


If one of your main athletic goals is to reach the highest level in sport performance that you are able to or to become a professional in your sport, then you will find these 3 questions especially helpful. If you ask yourself these 3 questions after every game, then you will continue to advance in your sport, skills, and teamwork abilities.