Soccer: A sport to keep your child athlete moving!

Soccer is a fun and exciting game! Consider encouraging your child athlete to try this sport.

Not only does soccer give children an outlet for their energy, but it also provides them with an opportunity to interact with other children in a team atmosphere as they work together to reach a common goal. They will also have an opportunity to create a bond with their teammates as they play different positions and work together to score as many goals as possible.

Soccer is a great source of exercise and allows children to explore many skill sets by playing different positions on a team. These skills include running, dribbling, scoring, and blocking a goal. The chance to play each of the team positions will help your child be more adaptable to any situation that may occur as they play soccer.

There is a large amount of fluidity that occurs in the game of soccer, so knowing all of the positions and being able to support whatever the team needs at any given point is important. Below are the options of soccer team positions your child athlete can consider.

girl on soccer field with soccer ball

Soccer Team Positions

Center Back: The center backs are as their name states, in the center of the half field, and towards the back. These players help with defensive and try to block the other team to prevent the ball from reaching the goalkeeper.

Fullback (Right and Left): These players are positioned in the back, near the goalie, and one on either side. Even though these are defensive players, fullbacks may need to move up and down the field according to specific plays.

Midfielder: All midfielder players should be prepared for extensive running up and down the middle of the soccer field. Communication is a vital skill among these players. Midfielders are most known for their endurance and ability to put plays into action.

  • Defensive: A defensive midfielder mostly receives a ball from the back row of players and has to bring it in front to the forwards.
  • Attacking: The main goal of the attacking midfielders is to help the forwards score goals and to handle the other team’s defense. These players also are able to score goals, but they have to be aware and make the smartest plays and use their quick thinking skills. This could either be scoring the goal for themselves or passing it to a forward.
  • Wingers (Right and Left Midfielders): One winger is positioned on each side of the middle of the soccer field. Their job is to make an opening for the attackers to strike, while forcing the defense of the other team to move. This also includes being able to swiftly move throughout the field using their fantastic dribbling skills.
  • Center: The center midfielder is one of the only positions on a soccer team that plays both offensively and defensively. These players need to be versatile as they might be needed to assist goals, make long shots, or to use their excellent footwork.

Striker: The strikers only goal and main focus is to score goals. This offensive player is always placed in the front of the field. All strikers must take advantage of the speed and agility to run through the other team’s defensive line.

Center Forward: The center forwards, alike the strikers, also want to score goals. On the contrary, these players are mainly known for their unique dribbling skills, along with their excellent ball control.

Goalkeeper: The goalkeeper’s job is to protect the goal and to not let the other team score. The goalie mainly stays inside a line around the goal, which is called the penalty box. When the goalie is inside the penalty box, they may either kick the ball or pick it up and throw it. This is the only player authorized to use both their hands and their feet.

In conclusion, please consider having your child athlete try the sport of soccer. They will enjoy learning the various team positions and decide which position works best for their skill set. Your child athlete will gain team working skills as they learn the importance of helping their teammates score a goal. These skills can be used throughout life. If you are interested in signing-up your child athlete for soccer at CAL Sports Academy, please view the website information on soccer choices at .