Corey’s Kids


Near and dear to our heart is a new program we are opening up to the public called “Corey’s Kids.” For many years CAL Sports Academy has taken an active role in raising up children in the community and providing athletic instruction regardless of their financial means. Over the years we’ve had to opportunity to help countless children within our local communities by providing coaching, fun activities, and events. As the need increases, we can’t do this alone if we really want to make a difference. That is why we are offering individuals and businesses in our neighborhood a chance to join our effort to help those around us. Corey’s Kids Scholarships can make a positive difference in a young athletes life, giving them the support they may need on or off the court.


CAL Sports Academy Setting Goals Unlike our sponsorship opportunities, this is a completely non-profit effort. One hundred percent of the money donated goes straight to to the child so they can train in their sport and participate in athletic competition. We won’t offer you any benefits beyond a feeling of satisfaction from doing something good and a letter from whichever child receives the scholarship thanking you for your generous support. The program is designed with one goal in mind, and that’s to help those in need have a chance to enjoy sports and activities in a fun, safe environment. The CAL Sports Academy gym at times becomes the greatest support a young athlete has regarding off-court issues like grades, emotional or stressful situations, or complications in life. Our staff is always willing and available to be there for ANY child. Enhancing the scholarship program could also help us to expand our reach to shelters, food pantries, and support groups in our own community.

If you feel that you could help us make a difference, then please, contact us. We can be reached by email at or by calling us at 1-844-225-3343. Take the first step towards making a positive difference in your community.

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