The Benefits of Summer Camp

Attending summer camp can be beneficial to your child in many ways. During the past year’s pandemic, many children have experienced limited social interactions. Attending summer camp at CAL Sports Academy will help your child with integration back into having social connections with other children and help increase their physical activity. During the pandemic many children had limited physical activity. Now that school will soon be coming to an end, the summer will provide a new opportunity for your children to engage in new challenges. You can find more detailed summer camp information on our CAL Sports Academy Summer Camp Website page:

Summer Camps Sport options:

  • Multi-Sports
  • Soccer
  • Basketball
  • Lacrosse
  • Softball
  • Volleyball

We will be partnering with Dock Mennonite Academy and will be hosting 6 weeks’ worth of sports camps at their EC – 8 Campus! This will be a fun-filled adventure with a focus on sports at this wonderful location.

At CAL Sports Academy camp, your children will have the opportunity to meet new people and create social and athletic team bonds. Bonding with people through sports can create lifelong friendships. The common goal of winning game as a team and improving individual skills to increase their team contribution is an experience that creates strong connections.

We provide a summer program that will provide your children with adequate supervision, training in a sport of their choice, and enjoyment with newly formed friendships in camp! We strive to create a safe environment that includes reducing risk of injury and following all required mandates regarding mitigating risks during the COVID-19 pandemic. At CAL Sports Academy we will always place your child’s safety as our highest priority.

COVID-19 Camp Information

  • We will be using disinfectants on all equipment to ensure the safety of our athletes.
  • Proper 6 feet social distancing will be followed.
  • Face masks or coverings will be utilized when participating indoors.

Coming to camp at CAL Sports Academy will provide your child athlete with a chance to improve on their skills and game plays. Our camp is designed to focus on each child’s needs to assist them to increase their skills to a higher level. We will be having League Camps for Volleyball and Basketball!


Athletes looking to join Middle School, High School and Club Volleyball teams at CAL Sports Academy can attend “Coach Tim’s Afternoon Volleyball Training Clinic”! As players progress through the days of training, their skills will become stronger allowing them to progress to the next week of training.

  • Clinics run from 3 – 5 pm, Monday through Thursday all Summer long!

Summer Camp Day/Time options

  • Full-Day (9am to 3pm)
  • Half-Day (9am to 12pm) or (12pm to 3pm)
  • 3-Day options

During the summer, kids often have a limit to the amount of physical activity that they do because they do not have any organized games that are supervised by athletically trained adults. Camp will help children reach their daily exercise goal which can maintain or improve their overall health. This summer camp program will give children a safe environment to practice the sports they enjoy and feel comfortable to make mistakes and try new skills.

By attending summer camp, you child will gain the following 3 main valued characteristics.

  1. Determination
  2. Teamwork
  3. Self-improvement

At camp, we will provide a fun-filled experience with tons of excitement! Children with any experience levels of sports are welcome.

  • Beginners will learn the basic building blocks and fundamentals.
  • Intermediate and advances athletes will work on building on their skills and keep improving.
  • Skilled athletes will learn higher level skills and gain feedback that will help them with reaching their sports goals.

We want to help boost your child’s confidence level while playing sports both on and off the court. Youth players will be challenged by other campers at their skill level as they engage in friendly sport competitions.

Options for Summer Camp for Advanced Athletes include

  • Coach Corey’s “Next Level” Basketball Summer Camp
  • Elite Basketball Camp
  • Elite Volleyball Training

Lifelong friendships will be made as teammates work cohesively, gain greater technical skills for their sport of choice, and have fun each day throughout the summer! Contact CAL Sports Academy as soon as possible to reserve your child’s spot in our summer camp program!

Contact CAL Sports Academy for Summer Camp

Register Online for Summer Camp at:
Phone: 844–225–3343 ex. 0