What’s a Linear Ranking Volleyball Tournament?

Players ages 10-14 can join us on Sunday May 20th for some friendly co-ed volleyball competition at CAL Sports Academy! What is a linear ranking volleyball tournament? This tournament is designed for players to compete in 2 v. 2, 4 v. 4 or 6 v. 6 matches depending on the number of players registered.  Each player is designated a number for the day and they follow their number through the whole tournament schedule. Players will have the chance to play with every participant as well as compete against each participant, there are no permanent team assignments! See example below:

#1 – Tim

#2 – Jess

#3 – Sophia

#4 – Kyle

Game 1 – #1 and #2 vs. #3 and #4

Game 2 – #1 and #3 vs. #2 and #4

Game 3 – #1 and 4 vs. #2 and #3

The tournament will take a MINIMUM of 6 players and a MAXIMUM of 15 players – so don’t wait to register!

Prizes awarded to the first and second place finalist. Standings are based on the total number of points that players accumulate throughout the tournament.

Register here and we’ll see you on May 20th at the CAL gym in Harleysville!