Private TrainingPrivate Training at CAL Sports Academy specializes in skill development of athletes, helping them to reach a new level in their perspective sport. Our private training programs will allow your athlete to train pre-season, in-season, and post-season. We offer training in basketball, volleyball, soccer, strength and conditioning, and speed and agility. Every player has aspects of his or her game that need improvement. We work to identify and develop these areas from a beginner level through to the more elite player. Our individual and small group training programs will target weaknesses and accelerate players’ development. An individual training plan will provide athletes with greater opportunities to correct technical imperfections and learn techniques and tactics that can greatly influence any game situation.

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Discuss all our private training options by calling us at 844-225-3343 or emailing us at We will be happy to put an individualized plan together for your player.


Small Group training allows athletes to receive additional attention to improve their game. Fundamental skills are stressed and applied through drills, contests, and competitive play.


A fully-customized approach to improve weaknesses and solidify strengths based on individual needs. Ideal for players seeking to gain individual attention and gain the competitive edge during game play.