Our Difference

We are unlike any other youth sports training program.

our differenceWe stick to our Five Pillars of BehaviorCommitment, Determination, Motivation, Strength, and Teamwork. It’s these Five Pillars that separate us from other sports programs. We consistently evaluate our programs to provide the latest teaching, training, and motivational techniques that will make us better and stronger. Plus, we focus on more than just physical improvement. We improve the mental and academic aspects of all our players. We expect ourselves to develop well-rounded players through mind, body, and spirit to prepare players for sports and their future. Discover our difference and you’ll see why we are the fastest growing sports academy in the suburbs of Philadelphia.

Five Pillars of Behavior


Our coaches are committed to helping players achieve their “Strength Through Sports” by developing skills and working together as a team, as player to coach, coach to coach, and coach to parent. Players discover the meaning of commitment through hard work, dedication to learning new skills and practicing in class and out of class. A player’s commitment to their sport will show as they practice and develop through year-round activity. Our coaches make the commitment to build programs with innovative drills to keep players progressing in their sport and increasing their knowledge of how to play in the game.


We bring out the best in our players on and off the terrain. We inspire our players to find the determination to improve their game within themselves. Our coaches are determined to provide the best curriculum to build on player’s innate talents while providing the necessary tools for all players to improve and maximize their game.



We strive to inspire players to become self- motivated to improve at every practice, clinic, or game by working hard, believing in what they are doing, and performing at their best in every aspect of their life. Our coaches inspire and energize players to perform their best at each practice and game through positive reinforcement, corrections, and fun activities that keep players motivated and coming back into the gym.


CAL Sports Academy players build their physical and mental strength through regular practice focusing on speed, agility, skill development, and intelligent game play. Players are encouraged to work hard and bring out their best work when practicing to build strength in their mind, body, and soul. We respect the players and provide players with the knowledge and skills to build their strength not only in their sport, but also their mind, body, and soul. Strength, both physical and mental, provides the healthy balance that both players and coaches need to maintain the commitment and determination that enhances skills, motivates
­                                                                         everyone (players and coaches), and, most importantly, builds teams.


Players work together to build camaraderie in practice and in games and inspire one another to bring their best each and every day. Being a real winner is about the “We” not the “Me,” and CAL Sports players and coaches firmly believe in the “We.” We coach players to come together and work as a single unit. It is not always about winning the game, but about the life lessons that can be learned based on how the team played in the game. These lessons are then worked on at practice or clinics to ultimately build teamwork that can be applied in the next game(s) and in life.