CAL Sports Academy and the youth development experience

CAL Sports Academy continues to take pride in instructing your young athletes. One of our goals this year at is to work towards a more individualized path for each player’s training as well as enhancing the communication between our staff and the athlete’s family. To that end, you will see CAL coaches noting both strong points and skill deficiencies of the player, formulating a plan in the form of an evaluation. The evaluation will be used to start a conversation between CAL and the player’s family to cater to the needs of each individual child. The evaluation will be helpful to the parent to know what classes may be no longer relevant to the player’s skill level and what the next step might be. Our goal is to further our CAL athletes in a true “academy” experience where player growth is priority and the curriculum is specified to the athlete. We truly believe this will take CAL kids and their growth to the next level in a very unique way. It’s a pleasure to watch your young athletes grow as players and people, and we hope you always know we have their best development at the center of our organization.
Throughout the summer, the entire staff will be honing the evaluation process as well as the class curriculum offering. We promise to develop the programs in a way that doesn’t complicate things, but rather better facilitates where your athlete is going and what it will take to get them there. This will bring even better value to the classes and instruction your child will receive.