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If you are having trouble locating the sporting activities that are in the sections available for your child, then our evaluation tool is just what you need. Many parents are unsure of what activities would best suit their child. CAL Sports Academy offers many different options for all ages and skill levels. Our “Evaluation Tool” is designed to help parents discover the program that fits best.


Before clicking an age, decide which sport your child wants to play. Players from the ages of 5 to 18 have classes available to them. Athletes are divided into a variety of smaller groups based on similar ages. View the CAL Sports website and find the link for your child’s age. Once click on your child’s age, a list of recommended programs will be provided. If you have a child between the ages of 3 and 5, we have a Sports Explorers program that they can attend. Once you click the link for the interactive tool, scroll to the bottom of the page and you will see the Sports Explorers choice under the heading “Additional Programs”. Once you click on this option, you will see a description of this program and an option for registration.

Experience Level (Includes volleyball and basketball)

In this section of the CAL Sports website, there are many options that can be chosen based on the experience level of your athlete. These options range from being new to the sport to an experienced high school player. After choosing an experience level, many classes will be listed. Each class has a picture with a description that includes which ages the class is for with a summary of skills they will learn. These descriptions will help you decide which program would best meet your child’s needs.

Additional Programs

This last section of the website has three subheadings that help narrow the class choices. First, there is “Soccer”, which includes 1) a beginner’s class option, and 2) a private training option. The second choice under the “Additional Programs” section is “Private Training”, which is a great option for players looking for individualized instruction. “Sports Explorers” is the third choice. These classes are designed for children ages 3 to 5 who are not ready to commit to one sport. They will learn the basics of many sports as they explore their options. Each of the 3 categories in the “Additional Programs” have a written explanation to help you decide which class to register your child.

This CAL Sports webpage makes it easier to help you find the right sports class for your child. You can simply click one of the many sub-categories to find programs that would fit your athlete.

Overview of CAL Sports Classes: (Sue, please add links to each of the program below, directing to appropriate website)

Pre-school Programs

Youth Programs



Floor hockey

School’s Out Summer Programs

CAL Academics


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We also offer sports birthday parties!